We just do it for a living


Here at Hometown Elegance, we have the distinct privilege of throwing a party for a living. We’ve started this blog to help give you an idea of what we do. For the most part, people only see the end results which is what our goal always is. Most clients don’t care to see the details of how things come together but we have a few that really want to know. So we thought it would be interesting, for those who care, to begin sharing some of our secrets to executing flawless events.

Nearly every day of the week, someone some where is throwing a celebration of some kind. Whether a birthday, graduation, bar mitzvah, retirement, wedding, grand opening or product launch, there’s a party happening right now. Here at Hometown Elegance, we have the distinct privilege of being a partner in these celebrations every week. The life of an event professional is to make our clients dreams come true. Our job is to take a dream or vision that the client has and turn it into that moment where your breath is taken away. The moment where the culmination of months worth of planning comes to life and the party has begun.

Hometown Elegance started as a catering only company due to our owner’s background in the restaurant business. The focus from day one has been and will always be, flawless execution. The focusing mission has been that “Minot Deserves Better”. Our single focus is to execute an event in such a way that you as our client end the party knowing full well, that no other event partner could have made this happen for you. As we’ve added additional services to our portfolio, the commitment to giving our clients the best has not wavered. Flawless execution is still the focus of everything we do.

As we update this blog with stories and information, we hope that you can see what it takes to make an over the top event possible.

Cheers! Back to the party…..