Tent Rental

Clear Span Tent Rental

First what is a clear span tent? Clear span tents/temporary structures don’t have interior support columns to interfere with sight lines, which means you won’t have a large tent pole inside the tent to get in the way of stages, tables, equipment and anything else that is regularly placed inside. The entire clear span tent structure is supported by large, aluminum box beams which are then covered with a heavy duty and long lasting flexible vinyl fabric. The fabric is tensioned to the aluminum support structure in such a way that the clear span tent can be installed for months or even years with very little in the way of maintenance.

Clear span tents give you the only tented open floor plan available which allows you to plan without working around center support poles.

Our clear span tent is able to be setup on any surface and by using weighted anchors instead of anchor stakes, we are able to secure the unit down without the trip hazards of stakes or lines around the location. 

Tent Size

Our unit is sized to be up to 40’x 118’. One feature that most pole tents don’t deliver is the open feel of an outdoor event due to the number of poles, ropes/guy lines, and low 8’ roof line. Our clear span tent features 10 foot tall side walls that will not obstruct you from achieving that open outdoors feeling while being protected from the elements. This size tent will seat apronximately 275 guests when factoring in buffet service, dance floor and additional items in the tent space. This is an approximate as each event is different. This unit may be sized down as needed for smaller events.

Setup day and time will be determined the week of the event so that we may take weather conditions into consideration. Setup time ranges from 4 to 8 hours depending on surface the structure is being setup on. 

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