Hometown Elegance Catering & Event Planning is pleased to provide tent services to our clients. Tents are required for a majority of our client’s events because they tend to host their events at remote locations that enhance the celebratory experience or have a special meaning. The service specializes in using the clear span tent that we have in-houseĀ or coordinating with other creative partners to retain the style and size tent that is needed.

What is a clear span tent?

It’s a structured tent designed to give you maximum use of the floor space with no poles or obstructions on the interior. A clear span tent will also give you a smaller footprint on the ground due to not requiring outside staking and guy lines to secure it. A clear span also gives you the option to set up your event on pretty much any surface from grass, to concrete, to asphalt and even gravel.
Our clear span tent is also rated for 50 mph sustained wind and has a snow load capacity of 150 pounds per square foot. So really there’s nothing North Dakota’s weather can throw at it that will stop you from celebrating.