How do I get Hometown Elegance Catering & Event Planning at my event?

Step 1:

We begin the process with a general consultation to learn more about you and your event. The purpose of this meeting is to see if your event is the type of event that fits with our operations and to see if we have a personal chemistry. Producing an event is a long process and having personal chemistry between creative partners and the client is important so that everything flows seamlessly from you to our design team.

Step 2:

After the meeting, our team will review the notes of the event and make a determination as to whether we believe we are the right fit for your event. If we determine that we are a fit, a nonbinding estimate will be generated for you that will give you a general overview of what we anticipate this budget to look like that you can review.

Step 3:

If you feel that we are fit for you and your event and have reviewed the estimate and wish to move forward with us, a service agreement will be sent out for signature. When we receive a signed or esigned agreement along with the booking fee, your event officially becomes booked with us.

Step 4:

The final step is to have a full consultation about the details of your event. In this meeting, we cover everything from colors, florals, menu design, and full event design. This meeting is where the initial budget is developed and general timelines are established. It’s from this meeting that a full-scale proposal is developed for you to review. This final step is similar to how you build a home. Once the proposal is presented and tweaked to your final needs and signed off on, we take over the process and begin executing the logistics side of producing your event. This is where you sit back and enjoy the months leading up to your event.