How did Hometown Elegance get started?

Hometown Elegance Catering & Event Planning was founded by Carl Clemetson on the idea that Minot deserved better. His background in restaurants and his new love of catering pushed him to move forward with creating an organization that would continue the dream of delivering the best quality catered meals to the region.

Does Hometown Elegance do more than just catering?

Yes. Hometown Elegance started as a full-service catering company and as our clients requested more and more remote locations for events, we noticed that local creative partners were unable to reach and service those areas or were unable to secure the needed items for clients to make their celebration all that they had dreamed of.

Why does Hometown Elegance offer so many services?

We began offering services out of the need for our clients to get exactly what they wanted. Our regional creative partners back in the day were not keeping up with our client’s needs and we wanted to alleviate the problem of our clients facing “no we can’t do that”. So we eliminated that by bringing full services in-house.

Certain services such as photography, DJ, limo service, and invitation creation are best left to outside creative partners. But we can provide referrals to those partners as they are required.

Where do you work and do you travel?

Hometown Elegance is currently based out of Minot, ND. Our service area extends from Devil’s Lake, ND to Sidney, MT and from the Bismarck, ND region to the Canadian border in the north.

Because our catering division is designed to cook on location, we have no real range limit. Our other divisions and services will travel as required as well. Any travel beyond 90 minutes from Minot may require hotel stays depending on the services requested and the timeline that’s established.

How early should be book?

The earlier the better. Many of our events book at least 12 months out but anywhere from 18- 24 months isn’t unheard of. The earlier you book the easier the process is for you as a client as it takes a lot of the rush out decisions.

How do we book?

Click the link on the homepage “How Do We Book?” for all the details on how to begin the journey.

If we hire Hometown Elegance for our event, what other services do we need to hire?

It really depends. In general, most of our clients are able to hire us then hire a venue, photographer, dj and bar service and that’s it. Depending on your location, we may be able to assist with part of that. Other smaller items would be invitations and limo service.

Do we need a wedding planner if we hire Hometown Elegance?

That would depend on how much assistance you need. Hometown Elegance offers full planning services beyond the coordination of the vendors. Because of our extensive service roster, most of the big items are all handled. But if you wish to have someone work with you to design invitations, on gown selection, or just coordinating the day of; we can provide the level of service you need. This gives you full control of your event with access to a planner who works for the operational team.

If you wish to work with an outside planner, we can certainly accommodate that request as well.

I've got a lot of my event handled but need some assistance with some of the details. Can Hometown Elegance assist me with budgeting and timelines?

Absolutely! We can provide ala carte services to help you with budgeting, timeline creation and other general items that our clients run into as the process progresses. Many of these services are included on as part of the various planning packages we have. But if you are a DIY client who just needs a little assistance, we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and assist you where you need it.