Well it’s almost time for summer. We are nearly the beginning of Spring having thawed out from our winter freeze and that means its time to begin thinking about being outdoors again. For us, that means we are entering the peak season of the year. We spend all winter working with clients to build an event on paper and now its time to begin gearing up for what will be a brand new season of celebration. While most folks are just waiting for the warmth to start again, we have been busy planning everything from company picnics to weddings. During this cold season, we began investigating how to better serve our clients beyond what we currently offer.

As that conversation developed with one of our newest clients, we discovered a need within our community and surrounding area. This need is for tenting that can go anywhere and not be restricted to the surface of the event location. In working with our partners this had never been a problem but now it is. The next step was to located a tent capable of filling this need. After several conversations with colleagues around the country, we decided that a clear span tent would fit the need.

What is a clear span tent?

Clear span tents are temporary structures that don’t have interior support columns or poles that block your sight lines, which means you won’t have a large tent pole inside the tent to get in the way of stages, tables, equipment and anything else that you may want in your tent. The entire clear span tent structure is supported by large, aluminum box beams which are then covered with a heavy duty and long lasting flexible vinyl fabric. The fabric is tensioned to the aluminum support structure in such a way that the clear span tent can be installed for months or even years with very little in the way of maintenance. Clear span tents are the only tents that can give you the open floor plan that allows you to plan without working around center support poles. Our clear span tent is able to be setup on any surface and by using weighted anchor pads instead of anchor stakes, we are able to secure the unit down without the trip hazards of stakes or lines around the location.

The particular model of tent we selected also features 10′ eaves which means your sides are 10′ tall from the ground to the top edge. The center peak of the tent also stands around 19′ high and because of the rigid support structure, our clients may opt to install a full structured audio and lighting system. We also selected this particular tent because it gives us the ability to expand its use further than any other tent in the region. Because of how it’s designed, in the future we have the ability to add full flooring, heating and air conditioning, full draping, glass doors and even a clear roof.

This is just another example of us working to help you make your event a world class event. We continue to follow our founding principle of “Minot deserves better” in all areas of our company. This represents the next step in our journey towards that end. We look forward to continuing this journey with you in making your event exceptional.